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At BetterWhole, we are committed to providing multimedia services with the highest level of customers satisfaction. In collaboration with our clients, we delivers fast and astounding solutions to their request
We are your need indeed!

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Our Working Process

Betterwhole brings out the best by going through a working process which has made us highly productive over the years.

Concept 90%
Prepare 70%
Retouch 95%
Finalize 60%

Put the mind on screen

Following the specifications of our clients, we take time to understands their demands and animate their mind on screen. We as well give suggestions to clients for better result in service.

Produce high Quality Videos

All we use for our video productions are industry standard, this helps us deliver the best quality to you.

Help get better ROI

Studies have found that 84% of customers decide to make purchase after watching a video and 81% of businesses with an explainer video on their home page increase sales up to 200%. We help you engage your audience with better Videos that gives satisfying return on investment.

are affordable and on-time

We help save more money and more time by providing high quality service for low cost with fast delivery ahead of deadline.

Follow the trend

In this times of fast changing technology, BetterWhole is always on ear with ongoing developments; as a means to serve you better.

Good Customer Relations

We are committed to ensure our customers feel at home when working with us even as we create a good relationship that results to better acheivements.

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  • Public speaking

    Make your message stay longer in the mind of your audience by animating the message. we get that covered for you at BetterWhole.
  • Events Video

    Having a means to recollect beautiful times is a way of being optimistic of the future. Vidceos are beautiful way to create such memories. Check us out today

  • Teaching with Animations

    It has been scientifically proven that retention of information is higher when it is communicated audio-visually. With animations, instructors can demonstrate things and concepts visually in the way they wants it to be.
    Since animation is an effective learning tool that attracts attention, engages learners and as well sustain their motivation in learning, making use of it will go a great deal.
    Animations as this can also be used to introduce workers to the work environment and as well help students learn better.

  • Virtual effects

  • Logo Animation

    Since logo is the first thing people see when they come in contact with your brand, as it is the most used in marketing, on websites, social media profiles and everything that relates with your company even up to your company's letterhead paper. Personalised video as a sure marketing strategy for you to use to get better ROI needs to come along with an animated logo  at the beginning of your videos. This will help raise your company's awareness and as well make you unique. Since animated logo are not expensive and it help gives your company consistency, making use of it in your intro/outdo videos, Instagram videos, Facebook page and twitter profile and on your website is a needful need.

  • Whiteboard Explainer

    With Whiteboard animations, the illustrator or instructors uses marker pens and a Whiteboard like surface to draw and record illustrated story. Whiteboard animations is one of the kind of animations concept mostly used by industries today. It is best used for narrative story, internet advertisements and for businesses wanting to explain what they do in a narrative form.

  • Video Explainer

    Teaching with animations is a lot more fun when the right set of people do the animations. We understand the concept, so we can make an explainer of it.


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    Public speaking

    Make your message stay longer in the mind of your audience by animating the message. we get that covered for you at BetterWhole.


    7 Boluwaji Challenge, Ibadan
    Oyo State, Nigeria